The primary work of this Solar EL Tester is to spot the core defects of solar modules with the use of electroluminescence. It examines and finds out the breakage, micro-crack, pseudo-soldering of the modules, and broken fingers of the cells. Further, this Solar Electroluminescence Tester finds and examines cell mismatch or stringers with diverse power rating.

Features of Solar EL Tester

The Solar Electroluminescence Tester is highly beneficial for the production of solar modules. Here are some features:

  • It provides clearer and bigger images to facilitate the identification of all solar module defects
  • It offers higher automation with storage and images, automatic recognition for the serial number of solar modules
  • Higher detection efficiency – It has the sophisticated imaging system with optimisation and detect issues in solar modules within 50 seconds
  • Powerful auxiliary functions – After connecting the Solar EL Tester to the solar module assembly line, it can provide interactive information. As per their needs, users can add other customised functions to it
  • User-friendly. Its software and operation panel are easy to operate
  • Highly accurate. It provides 100% electrified rate for solar modules


The Solar Electroluminescence Tester is used for various applications. Here are some of them:

  • Check and find black spot, breakage, crack, process defect, cold solder, and mixed wafers
  • Inspect the fragment of cells
  • Find mismatch of the cells