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Our Solar Cell Cutter is a personalised Solar PV Cell Cutter and ideal for the production of low power modules. Further, you can use this Solar Cell Cutter Tester & Tester for your research work. Whether the work is cutting or testing, the operator has to do cell loading and unloading. And the machine for Solar Module Line Automation executes a programmed cut with the usage of a diamond paste wheel, which is running at a higher speed. To perform the designated job, this Solar Cell Cutter & Tester needs air supply.

Features of PV Module Line Automation Machine

  • Adjustable cutting guides
  • Air motor
  • Diamond blade
  • Longer functional life
  • Easy operation
  • Control operating system


The Solar Cell Cutter & Tester we offer is used to cut silicon waters and solar cells. Further, it is used to examine their dimension and the accuracy of other specifications.