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Cliantech Solar Stringer is precisely engineered to function well and be reliable and cost-effective for users. Our Tabber and Stringer has four primary noticeable elements – artificial vision, servo-drives, sophisticated control over IR soldering process, and busbar ribbon power systems. Its usage enables you to have highly correct welding experience and accelerates your soldering process. Due to user-friendly interface, you can adjust the gap between cells and the length of string tail ribbon and head ribbon. It makes you do contactless IR soldering without generating high pressure in the cell.   

Features of Solar Tabber and Stringer

Using our Solar Stringer is highly beneficial. Comprehend its usefulness by having a look at the following features:

  • Highly flawless welding performance
  • Due to its sophisticated software, it reduces the time taken in changing different cell sizes to less than five minutes
  • Only 20 minutes for changing busbar
  • Adjustable cells gap
  • Adjustable head ribbon and string tail ribbon
  • Contactless IR soldering for low stress generation in the cell
  • Artificial vision

Advantages of Using Our Solar Stringer

  • One person for operating two Solar Tabbers & Stringers
  • Infinite number of process formulas
  • Vision control systems to track cell quality
  • Time control for better self-diagnostics
  • Cell temperature control for better soldering
  • Easy to operate at lower maintenance cost
  • Fast ribbon change